Saturday, September 26, 2009

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ok: editorial note.
i'm working with a satellite connection here.  uploading pictures is taking forever.  so the darwinian diary concept is out, but i will keep uploading whenever i can....there are some great moments though, so far...

like when it was cliff's turn to drive the ship, he accidently leaned on the throttle and grounded the Endeavor onto north seymor island beach....see photo....we got it afloat by 7 bells.

selkie of galapagos

swallow-tailed gull...our north seymor island tour guide

quayaquil after tequilaquil

i got the sniper on the got...

welcome aboard

welcome to 2foolsonvacation or adventures on the equator or they'll give anyone a blog these days.
the earlier pictures of cliff and i are from day 1 leg 1 at a cuban cafe where we drank wonderful cuban coffee with our breakfast outside in the hibiscus and the sweet sweat of south miami.
thank you to Izabella for posting her galapagos pix......i hope that the hundreds of folllowers to the ledge edge will feel free to post anything that is even remotely connected to galapagos here.
the photos above were taken in quayaquil, ecuador and also shows our approach to the National Geographic Endseavor, our home for the 9 days.
you will note the shot taken of cliff and i as we were surrounded by Guayaquil(pronounced why-a-keel)  SWAT (pronounced swat) team when cliff accidentally mumbled "where the FARC are we?" actionable moment but we let all hostages go unharmed though badly dressed.  then there were the shots of metropolitan quayaquil with cliff in snorkel gear post-tequila....still asking the question Guayaquil?  why not says i.
aboard the Endeavor now a 40 year old transformed fishing boat. 
Tonight, the first night aboard, cliff and i will take the trophy wooden kayak out of its display case inthe lounge and after gathering all the contraband that the staff will sell us....we will set out on the REAL adventure...under the pointy moon.....stay tuned...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

signal G5 or me pls

Monday, July 13, 2009

i would feel much better if i heard from you more often.
use the ledge edge as interface.
please tell G5.
the ledge can be used for a bulletin board by the three of us until you return.
nothing private, just info so that i can guide you back to the nest.
there are 2 concerned crazies who want you back in one piece.
-crazy 1

Friday, July 10, 2009

In order to proceed to any further, it is necessary to complete your preparation.
When you enrolled, my dear, you may not have expected this to last as long as it has.
I thought the same when i stood there.
Of course the training never ends but you are now a weapon. and a beautiful one, at that.
that attention won't make your job easier. scarves, girl. scarves and padding...
o, i had that problem too...president lincoln told me: "dude, those plantation girls will betray your honorable intentions..."
yea, right, Abe.
this assignment, i will watch personally. and if the slightest breeze blows from the wrong direction, i will be there. i'm glad you have G5. she will keep you focused if i know you.
tell her to call me.
be the mountain, angel.